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Digging Deeper

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Digging Deeper

The past several months have been very challenging for so many of us. Now August is almost over and the pandemic is still very active in the United States. Many of us have not been able to work with other people in person for nearly six months. Yet, any time I go out I see people not wearing masks and/or not keeping proper distance to each other. Some people's ignorance really irritates me and also makes me very sad. More and more people out there in the world are acting as if we were over the COVID-19. Well, the truth is that we are not. And the longer people do not take precautions, the longer all of us likely will have to endure the consequences. This is a tricky virus. It spreads even from people who have no symptoms but are carriers nevertheless. Those folks are ideal for this coronavirus, which is looking to survive and spread as much as possible. Please people, take heed. Do not let this virus be smarter than you are!

On top of the worldwide pandemic, lightning fires in California and wildfires in many other states have been taking their toll. Enormous acres of beautiful forests, including old redwoods, have burnt down. We have lost some very beautiful state parks and campgrounds, like Big Basin, here in California. Some people have lost their homes and more. Thousands have had to evacuate. All of this has been very burdensome on top of the pandemic. Right now in Louisiana and Texas and many more states, hurricanes and tornadoes and tropical storms and floods are causing great destruction. Seems like mother nature is furious. And we are no match to her power.

At the same time, political conventions are taking place. Many tales are being told in order to sell the "goods". It never fails me how ironic life can be and how unreal and out of touch human beings can be. Yes, in life funerals and weddings happen at the same time all over the world. People are born and people die and somehow life goes on here on planet earth. Existence is truly tragicomic by nature and one person's floor will always be another person's ceiling.

All of these current developments have truly made me question what is important to me in life. At this point I am taking a deep look at what gives me joy and purpose and is worthy of me devoting my time to it. You could say that I am spiritually in a very green growth period and I am pretty sure that I am not in this alone!