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May We Choose Love

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May We Choose Love

As we come to another season, this time the fall here in the Northern Hemisphere, many things will likely be changing. It is almost time to vote here in the United States, and we as a nation have an opportunity to choose differently than we did four years ago. I hope and pray that people will be choosing love, and not hatred. The whole world is in deep need of healing and it is love and unity and peace that heal, not hatred and fear and separation. As so many say, this is likely the most important vote so far in most people's lifetime. This vote may determine historic directions and may in the long term define whether we are going to go toward light or dark as citizens of this planet. So, citizens of the United States, choose what you vote for by thinking ahead for seven generations, and not just immediate personal rewards. Wisdom and foresight are called for like perhaps never before. May all of us have the insights and knowledge to choose our stands wisely.

This brings me to what makes me feel whole. As you most likely know, I love painting and also drawing. There is something about the mere movements involved in art making that I find deeply healing and purposeful. I see these movements as a dance and a meditation, And these movements, whether large or small, release something through me that creates form out of the formless. These movements give inner visions actual physical bodies. They create brave new worlds. There is no other act that human beings perform that does this the way that arts do. This is why for me making art is a most powerful form of self-expression. It is also a most powerful form of communicating that which sometimes is hard to express in words. I have come to understand that what matters to us in life is very much up to us to decide. We are the ones that individually either find or do not find importance in the numerous different pursuits in life. What calls for you? What gives you purpose? What makes you love living?