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The works in this gallery are all created in card format. The original drawings are for sale and are all unique drawings and/or paintings on acid free cardstock that would make a fabulous gift for someone special in your life. You can write you own special note on the greeting card centerfold and this card can remain unframed or can be framed for more protection. This is a truly unique gift that can be treasured for years to come. Reproductions of these images are also offered in customizable card format for those of you who are happy with this format. But an original piece of art on a card is something truly special. These are all works that took hours to create but I am making them available at a very affordable rate for a unique piece of art, which will only be available as one original and the rest are all printed reproductions. The original card is signed and indicated as the original art by the artist in the Helena Tiainen Art On A Card Series. So, each original card is accompanied by a certified statement of its originality on the back of the card.

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