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In Search of Light

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In Search of Light

It is possible that we are in the dark before the light. Someone I read recently pointed out that for the majority of people in the world, life has gotten better in the past 50+ years. They based this understanding on research conducted globally.

We often forget how difficult and challenging life on this planet has been in the past for most people. Now, with the internet and social media, we are more informed about what is going on even in the most remote parts of the world than we were only thirty years ago. And then there are the improvements in science and other technologies also that have vastly improved the life of those who can afford to enjoy these advancements. And yes, I know, everything on planet earth comes at a cost and not everyone has benefited from the developments at this point.

If we go back another hundred years from 1990, most people had to wait to hear any news outside of their own community for quite a while and got these only mainly via word of mouth from people who traveled or had the privilege of hearing news otherwise.

At this point in history we are all bombarded by all kind of news, both real and unreal, and are exposed to this information whether we want to hear or see it or not. As a matter of fact we are force-fed all kinds of information on a regular basis, unless we turn off all media and stay indoors. Human beings have never before been subjected to such sensory overload of information in the known history. Most of us live in a daily overwhelm.

Maybe this truly is the dark before the dawn. I hope so and frankly this perspective gives me hope. It has become difficult for anyone to hide under the covers for any length of time, which was so easy before the worldwide internet and social media. Maybe human nature has not changed that much in the past couple of hundred years, but man-made world and our view of the world is now definitely constantly changing and expanding. We can no longer afford to live in the ignorance of the past, the cost is simply too high.

Onwards and upwards. I personally hope to see more light on planet earth!